Even though they are not yet in the catalogue, below are some of the exceptional new products dedicated to swimming pools which will soon be marketed by us
An isothermal cover is a cover that extends the season of use of a swimming pool even without the aid of heaters, keeping the water temperature high, avoiding heat loss at night, and favoring the action of the sun’s rays. On average, an isothermal cover offers an internal temperature 5 to 7 degrees higher than the outside.
Until now, the cheapest and most widespread covers were telescopic ones, which however are quite bulky and unsightly, difficult to dismantle and put into storage as they are cumbersome in the hot period, and in any case not within everyone’s reach due to the still high cost.
We have already talked about the extraordinary VISIOPOOL, which at a low cost guarantees the cleanliness and safety of the pool and a temperature that is significantly higher than the outside one thanks to the transparent shell.
Also available in ECO and PVC versions
Made to measure and customizing colour, accesses and windows

Today other models are added to the range of inflatable covers.
The new transparent double-layer STARBLAST with an extremely insulating air gap, capable of maintaining internal heat with almost zero dissipation, allowing us to heat the cover with little energy

It is a caged air cover, which once inflated does not require a motor, also available with an automatic maintenance system

And the new single layer AIRSTAR with caged air

Furthermore, the ASTER outdoor hydromassage cover, with double cavity

Finally, still on the subject of swimming pools, a new but very promising product as it allows anyone to have an inground swimming pool with very minimal expense.
We remain available for further information, and are looking for distributors, if interested commerciale@eneriair.com